Hikes at Mount Barva, inside our Canopy Adventure are aimed at an audience that wants to enjoy nature from the ground. It is focused on environmental education, to the keep and preserve the cloud with a little rural tropical forest tourism.

The tour begins leaving the hotel, from where a minibus will take you to our destination, San José de la Montaña. On the way it passes through the town of Barva. This canton is famous for keeping some colonial features and being dedicated to the rescue of the culture and art appreciation. Farther away from Barva we are located in a rural area, between farms small and beautiful villages.

We then arrive at our facilities, where we have all the necessary facilities to prepare for our adventure (bathrooms, dressing rooms, a small shop). Before you begin the hike, you will have a snack per person and can fill your bottles of pure water.

The tour begins on a very vivid farm detailing the group their Palm tree cheese-making process while don Ignacio shows them as it does it and lengthened by hand. Then it goes into his house to test this and other cheeses on a homemade tortilla, aguadulce and costarrican coffee made by his wife.

Time to move has come! Depending on the expectations and tastes of the group, we choose the route to be followed and the length and difficulty of the same.

The hike goes through private property, whose forests and plantations are under protection and sale of oxygen regime. A guide will take the group and they will be explained about the vegetation and will have a view of waterfalls, views of the city and the wonders of the place.

The tour ends back at our facility, where we expect a national coffee or if you want to, a typical lunch.